Sweater Weather: 37 Sweatshirts To Get Cozy In While Reading


Although it has been anything but cozy sweatshirt season here in the upper midwest, I’m looking forward to when the weather finally turns and it’s cool enough to don something comfortable, light some candles, and read my way through the season.

Whether or not it’s cool in your neck of the woods, let’s be real: book nerds are going to wear their favorite bookish duds no matter what. And what better companion for reading than the sweatshirt? It’s soft, it’s warm, and when paired with the perfect image or saying, it’s just meant to be part of one’s reading uniform.

The librarian party, $22.95 and up.


Books and coffee, $21.99 and up.



Stack of books, $34.



Hermione’s Book Club, $40.21.



Books, books, books, $39.



Readers gonna read, $22.99.


Cat and books, $25.


Professional bookworm, $39.


Book clubs are punk, $23.90.



Book hangover, $31.99.



Just books, nothing more, $34.



Book worm, $25.



Born to read, forced to work, $31.37.



Shakespeare: Bard to the bone, $40 and up.



Bookmarks are for quitters, $26.99 and up.


Women who read are dangerous, $38.99.



iRead, $34.95.



This is my reading shirt, $26.80.



Admit it: books are better when there are dragons, $30 and up.



Bibliophile, $34.



Meet me at the library, $23.99 and up.


Books & candles & coffee & blankets, $29.99.



Jane Austen in concert, $40 and up.



Reading is my favorite sport, $40 and up.



A cat and her books, $24.



If books were life’s power ups, I’d be unstoppable, $45.



Literary spoiler grave yard, $34.95.



Sleep all day. Read all night, $30.



Lattes with Lewis, $40.



Take me to the library, $45 and up.



Read, $39.



Edgar and the Ravens, $40 and up.



I like big books and I cannot lie, $38.99.



I’m a reading beast, $29.99 and up.



Live free & read, $38.99 and up.



The books are always better, $32.



Sherlock sweater, $39.

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