Sexual Harassment Reported by Half of Publishing Folks Surveyed: Critical Linking, November 13

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Just over half of the 388 respondents to The Bookseller’s survey on sexual harassment within the book industry said they have experienced harassment, with 54% of women and 34% of men stating that they had suffered abuse.

Those reporting harassment are spread throughout the industry: booksellers, large and small publishers, agents, scouts, authors, events organisers and freelances. The experiences they disclose range from crude or demeaning language used about women in the workplace, or at work-related social events, to suggestive comments and unwanted touching and groping, inappropriate sexual advances, predatory approaches made under cover of professional contact and assault. Two respondents to the survey said that they had been raped.

No industry is immune.

When you look back over the results of the survey since PW picked it back up in 2013, the numbers are strikingly consistent. Annual pay raises came in at 2.7 percent for 2016, and have hovered between 2.8 and 2.5 percent over the previous four years. The average salary gap between men and women respondents clocks in at a pretty wild $28,000, which is actually down from last year’s number ($35,000 for those keeping score at home), but right at the five-year average of $27,050. At the same time, women made up a greater percentage of the workforce than at any point in the last five years, accounting for eighty percent of all respondents.

The wage gap remains huge in publishing, even as most employees are women.

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