Science Fiction Settings Lead Readers to Read Less Carefully: Critical Linking, November 27

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“While this wouldn’t be true of all readers, for those who are biased against SF, thinking of it as an inferior genre of fiction, they assume the story will be less worthwhile, one that doesn’t require or reward careful reading, and so they read less attentively. This then lowers their scores on objective comprehension tests because they miss so much. Interestingly, they don’t even realise it, because they still report that the story required less effort to understand. It’s a self-fulfilling bias – except we can now show objectively that the weakness is with the reader, not the story itself,” said Gavaler.

Science fiction settings trigger readers to read more lazily.

More women have come forward to say that a onetime executive editor at DC Comics sexually harassed them, including two who say he inappropriately touched them even after several employees at the publishing giant had complained to company top brass about his behavior.


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