PEN America Literary Awards Long List Announced: Critical Linking, December 21, 2017

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PEN America is thrilled to announce the longlists for the 2018 PEN America Literary Awards. Our awards are juried by panels of esteemed, award-winning writers, editors, booksellers, and critics. Learn more about each of the PEN America Literary Awards judges here.

Nice. Who else just bulked up their TBR? 


Publishers Marketplace reports that Kristen Roupenian’s short story collection You Know You Want This has sold to Scout Press “for $1.2 million or more,” a figure sourced from other bidders. The book is currently scheduled for publication in spring 2019.

If you read “Cat Person,” then this collection might be for you (same author!). 


A 19-year-old was sworn in as a Grand Rapids Public Library commissioner Tuesday.

Ivory Lehnert took her oath of office before a city commission meeting. She thanked her family for pushing her to start her political career early.

Stop a minute and read that again. A 19-year-old just became a local library commissioner. Awesome.


It’s possible that books that include named characters simply increase the amount of parent talking. We know that talking to babies is important for their development. So parents of infants: Add shared book reading to your daily routines and name the characters in the books you read. Talk to your babies early and often to guide them through their amazing new world – and let storytime help.

A study examining what kinds of books are best for the youngest of readers. 

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