A Curated List From Lisa Simpson’s Bookshelf: Critical Linking, November 15

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“As a big Simpsons fan, I was already following a lot of Instagram accounts that share recurring themes in the show and found myself collected snippets of scenes and details of the huge Simpsons universe like cars, tattoos, movie references, food. I love them all, but it seemed very strange to me that nobody had covered the literary elements because it was one of the things that caught my attention the most. One sleepless night I started collecting some of the screenshots to pass the time,” explains Carmen.

What an odd, but interesting gig–check out her top picks from Lisa’s bookshelf.

California has become the first state to approve LGBT-inclusive history textbooks for use in primary schools, the Advocate reports.

The California State Board of Education on Thursday approved 10 textbooks for kindergarten through eighth-grade students that include coverage of the historical contributions of LGBT people, and rejected two that failed to include such coverage.

California’s 2011 FAIR Education Act requires that schools teach about historical figures who were LGBT or who had disabilities.

Next year, LINE Webtoon will launch a new digital comic book series, Caster, about a rare antiques dealer whose love of luxury and risk causes him to get mixed up in the world of international espionage. The title character is not only based on Common, the rapper will also be creating an exclusive score and soundtrack for the ongoing series as it moves from issue to issue.


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