11 Quotes About The Power of Witches: List List #276

This List List is sponsored by The Infinite Now by Mindy Tarquini.

In flu-ravaged 1918 Philadelphia, Fiora Vicente, the freshly orphaned and forward-thinking daughter of the local fortune teller, has goals. She has ambitions. But when faced with a future she hasn’t planned, she has second thoughts—and casts her community into a stagnant bubble of time.

Inside the bubble, life among Fiora’s superstitious neighbors continues, but nothing progresses, swamped by a steady stream of unspent seconds. As the pressure builds Fiora realizes she must find the courage to collapse the bubble—or risk trapping her dreams in an unbearable, unyielding, and infinite Now.

Perfect for fans of The Night Circus, The Infinite Now is a quirky and unique fantasy read.

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