10 Harry Potter Stuffed Animals for Gift Giving

Here are ten of the cutest stuffies from the HP-verse for the young person, the young at heart, or your fluffiest four-legged companion. Or just curl up in your favorite Harry Potter sweatshirt with a mug of hot butterbeer and get your cuddle on yourself. I will be doing the latter.

Hedwig: Let’s start with the OG. Everyone needs a Hedwig. This one even plays Hedwig’s Theme!

Buckbeak: A “must-have” for any mythical creature collection.

Dobby: Will snuggle in exchange for socks.

Niffler: I’m not saying [she’s] a gold digger…

Snape’s Doe: After all this time, they’ll be ready for a hug. Always.

Crookshanks: For all the cat people…

Fluffy: …because three adorable dog heads are better than one. And he’ll protect your valuables from the Niffler.

mandrake stuffed toy

Mandrakes: For a freaking annoying little plant-creature, these things are pretty stinking cute.

Pygmy Puffs: These are the cutest, floofiest things I’ve ever seen in my life.

Scabbers: Peter Pettigrew may have been a little bitch, but this stuffie isn’t.

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